I started this brand late into 2017 during my freshman year of college after already being in the fashion space for a few years in vintage clothing reselling. The idea behind the brand was to create the perfect quality blend of vintage, horror, and streetwear, while still being affordable.

The first capsule by the brand was mostly focused on Text-based graphics and birthed the Best-selling ‘World of Terror” Hoodie.


I spent the year learning more and more of what I wanted to create and what the brand was about. This year brought the ‘Lambo’ Tee, ‘Soldiers’ Hoodie, and the ‘Reaper’ Tee all done by the amazing artist Crimewave (@crimewave on IG). 

This year also brought along my first ever sold out drop which was the Embroidered Version of the ‘World Of Terror’ Hoodie. 


This was sort of the “break-out” year for the brand. I released the ‘debut’ collection which featured the first ever cut and sew pieces: the ‘WOT’ Rugby Shirt and the ‘Mushroom Cloud’ button down. 

I also had the opportunity to meet Sean Wotherspoon and have a pop-up at the LA Round Two Store as well as release the first collaboration item with Lil Aaron’s brand HAZHEART. These events allowed the brand to be put in British GQ Magazine as well as worn by Ty Dolla Sign.


This year brought collections 3 and 4 which included some of my favorite pieces including the ‘Child of Terror’ T-shirt, ‘Skully’ T-shirt, X-Ray Button down, the ‘Screams’ Shorts, and many others.


These 2 years brought collections 5-7, which included some of the most popular pieces such as the ‘King of Skulls’ t-shirt, ‘pistol’ shorts, as well as the ‘Doomsday’ T-shirt as seen on Jake Paul.



The biggest year for the brand so far. Couldn’t be more excited to have Terror Tales release in over 50 zumiez stores worldwide as well as on the website. You can check out their current selection of Terror Tales pieces right here. 

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Thank you all for the constant support, this is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to show you what else is to come in 2024 and on.


Terror Tales Clothing